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RP: Babies. They make us horny.

Roy entered the door to his house, and called out "I'm home!" and awaited for a reply. When none came he was a bit worried but then figured that Kimbley was either asleep or something like that. All the better for Roy had a little surprise for him.

He tossed the bags of new clothing onto the couch. Strangely there was no miniskirts. Only the same things he wore as a male but tailored for a women's form. He hadn't changed his fashion sense. One bag contained a little surprise for the crimson alchemist. Roy was sure he'd enjoy it.

"Kimbley" He suddenly called out to double check of a response.

RP: My lovely Lady Lumps

Morning seemed to come all too quickly and Roy grumbled at the bright light shining even through his closed eyelids. He slowly opened his eyes and smiled at the still sleeping form of Kimbley next to him. He sat up slowly and felt a strange weight on his chest. He payed not attention to it.

Roy went into the small bathroom that ajoined his bedroom to perform his regular morning activities. After grabbing the toohpaste and brush, he turned on the running water and took his first daily look into a reflective surface.

He face paled. Was he seeing right?! He let out a scream of horror.

RP: Uncleaning the Shower

The kiss sent chills up Roy's spine as he heard is lover moan aloud. The mix of bodily fluids was sending pleasurable signals to his brain that were seemingly melting all of his senses into an ultrasense of lust. Yes, he had said that he would choose love over lust. But at the moment he was glad to have both.

Finally they made it into the bathroom, still kissing passionately. Roy sat Kimbley down into the toilet seat (which luckly enough had the seat and lip down. His maid must have been in that day.) and grinned happily as he fiddled with the knobs in the shower, trying to get the temperature just right.

"Time to get clean." He chuckled to the Crimson Alchemist. "Then dirty again."


RP: The Visitor

The sound of water dripping from the leaking cieling continued monotously as they rain poured outside. Though of course the only way he knew it was raining was because the cieling was leaking. He'd kill to have some windows put in.

Suddenly the small hatch slid open the guard's beady eyes glaring at him.

"You have a visitor Kimbley..." He spat venemously as the man looked up from his newly acquired laptop smirking setting aside his little gift as the guard escorted in a familiar face to his cell.

Roy Mustang.

"Why hello there, magor flame. Or should i say colonel now... You're pretty fuckin' brave comin' in here. But don't worry i won't blow you up." His voice was sincere and calm then the guard slammed the metal platted door to his cell closed.

First post fuckers!

Well since i technically own this community now (along with Mustang) i decided that maybe this could be a journal where you guys can communicate and shit and post stuff (because we all know how boring east headquarters is but i'd rather be there then in this damn cell)

I made up a little poem for someone special to me. A certain colonel horsey. *snicker*

Oh how i burn to be by your side,
to protect and shelter you and to provide warmth.
I burn to feel your skin against mine,
our lust taking control of our bodies.

How i burn every night to be him,
but i'm not and that is why you do not burn for me.
I burn for your companionship,
not wanting to be alone but with you

How i burn to embrace you in my arms,
holding you close as you cry onto my shoulder.
I burn when you snap your fingers,
then my ashes blow away.

yeah well. you want fucking wit? SEND ME A FUCKING PHILSOPHER